Meet the amazing adaptation of a well-known board game

The amusing take on the visuals of the battle team makes the game even more exciting for the whole family. Play against an AI player, with friends or rivals from all over the world in real time.

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Welcome to the world of cakes

A well-known board game got the new creatively view, which shifts the focus towards absolutely airy-fairy and yummy atmosphere. Lovely characters and juicy boom of emotions. Jolly Battle's most remarkable feature that you can play it solo or have a match with another player via Wi-Fi or by sending an invitation. It's so much fun to play with a friend!

It all starts with a cake

These are your faithful cakes - allies and friends. They are ready to join the yummy battle and fight for the Royal Cake.

img Happiness
img Restless
img Delighted
img Enthusiastic
img Hesitated

It's time to meet the S-W-E-E-T team

A favourite board game of many adults, is now available in a completely new version. Don’t panic under fire, as many sweets and delicious cakes await instead of a navy fleet; and caramel instead of cannonballs.


Meet the one and only Loafer. He is a good-natured lazy bone, always prepared to relax in the sun until he's brown.


These two twin cakes are not so evil as it may seem, they just woke up from the nightmare, where they were lacking custard.


No matter how hard they try to remain serious and calm, this amazed trio always ends up in cream!


Comics are always happy to play hide and seek. You should do your best to catch these lively fellows!

Well, go out on the delicious game board


Your squad is ready. Place the cakes on the crispy game board, be smart and wily to make it harder to hit in.


Be careful — cakes should not be too close to each other. Green color means you did right. Red — try better and choose an another sweet spot.


As soon as your squad is in places, it's time to make a creamy mess!

You will try to hit at the enemy’s cakes blindly. You have to try and guess the location of each. The opponent, in his turn, will do the same.

You are now familiar with your faithful subjects. And you just have to place them on the battlefield and hope for a sweet life.

For any questions, suggestions for cooperation or if you simply do not have anyone to talk — feel free to write us an email. We welcome your every letter.